Yep! We Said 24/7 Fitness. Are YOU Ready?


Promenade@5 will feature ‘Fitness On-demand’ in our clubhouse. ‘Fitness On-demand’ offers 1,500+ motivating and high-quality fitness classes designed for all fitness levels – Cardio, Kids Fitness, Conditioning, Cycling, Kick Boxing, Cross Fit, and Mind/Body.

The system will be located in our Promenade@5 clubhouse. Users can start a class from the on-site kiosk or directly from their mobile device anytime the space isn’t in use. Neighbors can get together and decide on days and times for group classes if desired as well.

Franciscus Homes knows that our homeowners at Promenade@5 will have vastly different availabilities for their work-outs, so we wanted to install a system that had the most flexibility. We researched myriad virtual fitness systems before selecting ‘Fitness On-demand’. You will love the variety and convenience of on-demand fitness.