Promenade@5 Will Feature Cox ‘G1GABlast’ Services


   Imagine lightning fast internet and WIFI service in your home… that’s easy. Now image it at the pool, walking your dog in the neighborhood Bark Park, or while picking vegetables from the Green Grid community garden.

Cox Communications Inc. will be wiring the homes at Promenade @5 for access to internet speeds of a gigabit per second. Cox is working with Franciscus Homes to install the technology as the homes are built at Promenade@5 in Williamsburg, Virginia.

 This gigabit service will allow download speeds almost seven times faster than Cox’s highest speed, called Internet Ultimate, which can download files at 150 megabits per second. One gigabit is equal to 1,000 megabits.

“The gig speed can download 100 song files in three seconds. Cox’s goal is to stay ahead of customers who want to stream video, play games or move large files quickly,” said Pat Esser, Cox’s president.

Franciscus Homes sought out the service because it will accommodate the growing trend of employees working from home, where they need the same technology they get in their corporate offices, and the increasing number of devices that consumers connect at their homes.