The Mortgage Process Step-By-Step

Step 1 – Prequalifying & Consultation

We won’t waste your time, or be overly intrusive. Tell us your home-buying goals and what you’re looking for in a home loan, and we’ll get to work finding a way to make them happen. Even if you aren’t sure which product is best for you, we can recommend options based on your finances and goals. 

Step 2 – Docs, Locks & Underwriting

You’ll get a list of every document we need (and other essential forms), and then you’ll send them to us within 48 hours to help keep the process on time. We’ll do the heavy lifting, you marvel at the simplicity and ease. In this step, you’ll receive your initial home loan documents, including Mortgage Pre-Qualification, if applicable, and we’ll collect your W2s, paystubs, and other key documents, obtain payment for the appraisal, and consult with you about locking in your interest rate. 

Step 3 – Approval & Closing

We do our thing, obtaining all third party verifications, reviewing the documentation and then underwriting the loan file. In short, we’ll prepare all the legal and loan documents for you to sign, and then schedule the closing. Our aim is to make this as easy and comfortable for you as possible. And then we’ll finish with our favorite part: a smile, a handshake, a hearty congratulations, and the keys to your new home.

Mortgage Programs

VA Loans

Veterans Affairs (VA) loans are making the dream of homeownership a reality for millions of veterans and military personnel. One of the primary benefits of a VA loan is that it offers 100% financing for purchases and refinances without requiring mortgage insurance. 

FHA Loans

Federal Housing Administration Loan (FHA) to assist borrowers who may need a low down payment and flexible mortgage guidelines. The FHA loan is a great product that helps many people become homeowners. 

VHDA Loans

VHDA offers affordable housing opportunities for Virginians who otherwise might not be able to afford quality housing. VHDA offers a wide variety of loan programs, along with down payment assistance grants for first-time homebuyers

Conventional Loans

Conventional loans come in a variety of options and with excellent advantages for borrowers who have a strong down payment. Under a conventional loan, a borrower with a 20% down payment or 20% equity can eliminate mortgage insurance.